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FE7 Meta- Con scores and apparent heights

Original Post on Tumblr

Characters from FE7 grouped by their Constitution scores and then further organized by the apparent height of their sprites. I was curious as to how closely the two correlated.

A few points of errata:
-Some height comparisons are eyeballed, particularly in situations where the sprites are the same size but the angles are different. Also a few situations where hair is clearly adding a little to the height, like Lyn's ponytail or Matthew's spiky business. What I'm saying is that there is margin for error in here.
-Con scores are all the score at recruitment for PC's, and no consideration has been given as to who is a prepromote and/or how many points of con a character gains on promotion. Exception is Wallace, who is treated as though he was recruited as a General.
-Nils and Ninian actually have separate con scores, I was surprised.

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