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List of DW journals

9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors

Name: Lotus
Journal: [personal profile] mercurial_temper
Meaning: When Junpei comes across the symbol for Mercury, he jokes that it's actually Lotus's symbol, because it's the woman symbol with horns. She does not appreciate the joke.
Timeline: Post-true end, most likely.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: She really will beat you with that staff until you go to heaven, don't think she won't.

Ace Attorney

Name: Miles Edgeworth
Journal: [personal profile] lawyer_batman
Meaning: Edgeworth is Batman. 'Nuff said.
Timeline: Post-Investigations, I suppose.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Still vaguely miffed they didn't localize Kay's name as Robin instead. Proof we do not live in the best of all possible worlds.

Akame ga Kill!

Name: Bols
Journal: [personal profile] out_of_the_kitchen
Meaning: If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Because he wields a flamethrower and also cooks.
Timeline: Post-death
Home: Formerly [community profile] shiptrap. Formerly [community profile] empatheias.
Fun Fact: So mad at myself for not thinking of hot_anime_dad as a username until I'd already been playing him in Emp for like two weeks.

Name: Najenda
Journal: [personal profile] susayeso
Meaning: Najenda is paired with the Teigu Susano'o.
Timeline: /SHRUGS
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I actually forgot I even made this journal, whoops.

Asura's Wrath

Name: Asura
Journal: [personal profile] unlimited_arm_works
Meaning: Asura has a noted resemblance to Archer from Fate Stay/Night, whose trademark ultimate attack is called Unlimited Blade Works. Also Asura has a fuckton of arms.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: This game is so damn anime I don't even care that I only watched Prof play it instead of playing it myself.

Beast Wars

Name: Rattrap
Journal: [personal profile] were_all_gonna_die
Meaning: A common quote from Rattrap, frequently followed by someone telling him to shut up.
Timeline: Post-series, most likely.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I don't think I'm ever going to be really happy with Rattrap's icons.

Dangan Ronpa

Name: Chiaki Nanami
Journal: [personal profile] artificial_inconfidence
Meaning: Chiaki has a habit of ending her thoughts with things like "...maybe" or "...I think," but usually, y'know, she's pretty on target.
Timeline: *Shrugs*
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Chiaki is a precious treasure, okay.

Name: Nekomaru Nidai
Journal: [personal profile] talkshit_getit
Meaning: Nekomaru is... very liberal... about talking about his bowel movements. Very. Very. Liberal. And "it" is how he refers to his secret massage technique.
Timeline: Early in Chapter 3, probably...? Certainly no later than that!
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Maybe I should also make a complimentary Mechamaru journal.

DC Comics

Name: Michael "Booster" Jon Carter AKA Booster Gold
Journal: [personal profile] boosterrific
Meaning: It's a catchphrase of his in his original ongoing, which is when this Booster is from.
Timeline: Booster Gold v1, about issue 5 or so
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: How many Booster accounts do I need? ALL OF THEM.

Name: Michael "Booster" Jon Carter AKA Booster Gold AKA Supernova
Journal: [personal profile] canthandleacape/[personal profile] canhandleacape
Meaning: When Booster first debuted, his costume included a (kind of hideous) cape. But after a while the cape just disappeared and was never mentioned again. Until early in Booster's second series, where Booster drunkenly recounts a fight in which he was choked with his own cape until Superman came to his rescue, after which he took Booster's cape, telling him that he couldn't handle it. As Supernova, of course, he has a cape and has no problems with it.
Timeline: 52, shortly after New Year's.
Home: Formerly [community profile] anemoi
Fun Fact: The two accounts for this probably wasn't strictly necessary, but it was too perfect not to.

Name: Green Lantern Honor Guard Guy Gardner
Journal: [personal profile] one_punched
Meaning: One of the most famous JLI scenes is when Guy, fed up with Batman's general Bat-ness, confronts him. He very quickly resorts to violence, taking his ring off to make it a fair fight, and just as he pulls his fist back to deliver his first swing, Batman belts him, him instantly, much to the delight of Blue Beetle in particular, who joyously shouts "ONE PUNCH! ONE PUNCH!"
Timeline: Roughly speaking, shortly after the Sinestro Corps War.
Home: None on DW
Fun Fact: Still a great username? Still a great username.

Name: Skeets
Journal: [personal profile] stockholmsecuritydevice
Meaning: Skeets is a security robot and I make terrible jokes about Stockholm Syndrome.
Timeline: Sometime during Booster Gold v2
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I made this account because I was briefly toying with the idea of apping Skeets to a JJBA-based game, almost entirely so I could make his Stand be named [Get Low], the song that features the immortal lyrics of "SKEET SKEET MOTHERFUCKER."

Final Fantasy XIV

Name: Aisthota Fyrstaelwyn (OC)
Journal: [personal profile] aisandfyr
Meaning: Ais=ice and Fyr=fire, making this about as close to HotAndColdAF as a lore-compliant name can possibly be.
Timeline: Uhhhhhhhh as of this writing I'm right around the Garuda fight idk I'm not going to be pulling this account out very often tbh
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I play a Roegadyn because I'm actually a Lalafell IRL and I want to know what it's like to be tall.

Fire Emblem 6/7

Name: Astor Astolfo
Journal: [personal profile] unglorious
Meaning: "Glorious" is another way you could read the katakana for Gorlois (the name he used while living with Igrene). Because I'm terrible.
Timeline: Before Chapter 22
Home: Formerly [community profile] empatheias
Fun Fact: At least the official localization of his name wasn't revealed while I was still playing him, that would've made things awkward.

Name: Hector
Journal: [personal profile] a_little_too_much
Meaning: In Hector's and Eliwood's C Support, Eliwood asks Hector how he's holding up and Hector's response is "A little too much is just enough for me." I really love that turn of phrase. Also a bit of a double meaning in that Hector dies early on in FE6, so that little too much finally did get to be a little too much for him.
Timeline: Just prior to FE6's start, I'd say.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: More people should draw FE6 Hector.

Name: Hector
Journal: [personal profile] reckless_but_loyal
Meaning: It's the brief description the little help tip gives Hector when you look at his stats.
Timeline: After Lyn's Story
Home: Formerly [community profile] shiptrap. Formerly [community profile] themainframe
Fun Fact: Still mad that of all the Fire Emblem fans I know, not a single one told me how great Hector is! God guys what do I even keep you around for.

Name: Oswin
Journal: [personal profile] ill_hearted_gentleman
Meaning: In Oswin's and Hector's B support, Hector calls Oswin an "ill-hearted old man" and Oswin counters magnificently by pointing out that he's only in his thirties, and thus "ill-hearted gentleman" would be more appropriate. It is basically the best line in the game, trufax. I am completely unbiased.
Timeline: *Shrugs*
Home: Formerly [community profile] warmwood, endless PSL's
Fun Fact: I also ran an askblog for him on Tumblr.

Name: Uther
Journal: [personal profile] generally_treacherous
Meaning: He is noted for his skill for treachery. His class? General.
Timeline: Before he dies. :V
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Obligatory bitching about Uther's lack of official design goes here.

Fire Emblem 13

Name: Gregor
Journal: [personal profile] swell_sword
Meaning: It's his epilogue title.
Timeline: Does it matter?
Home: I really should strip these lines from the form.
Fun Fact: Extremely serious headcanon: Gregor hails from the far off land of Ostia. Gotta keep my theme going, you know.

Name: Robin
Journal: [personal profile] just_as_keikakusei
Meaning: Kakusei is the Japanese name for FE13. "Just as keikaku" doesn't need any explaining, I hope.
Timeline: Why do I still have this line.
Home: Or this one.
Fun Fact: Finding art for icons that actually resembled my Griselda instead of the default Robin was actually easier than I expected it to be. Got lucky, I guess.

Fresh Pretty Cure!

Name: Miki Aono AKA Cure Berry
Journal: [personal profile] freshly_gathered_hope
Meaning: Miki finishes off her transformation sequence into Cure Berry with "The blue heart is the emblem of hope. Freshly gathered, Cure Berry!"
Timeline: Beats me. :V
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Miki and Rarity CR is all I want in my life.

Getter Robo

Name: Ryoma Nagare
Journal: [personal profile] a_mans_job
Meaning: Ryoma Nagare, ladies and gentlemen.
Timeline: New Getter Robo. Post-canon, I suppose.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: No really he actually said that.

Ghost Trick

Name: Missile
Journal: [personal profile] what_doggies_do
Meaning: Towards the very end of the game, Missile performs an act of EXTREME LOYALTY, and when Sissel expresses amazement at just how balls to the wall loyal it was, Missile explains his actions with a simple "because that's what doggies do!"
Timeline: *SHRUGS*
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Everyone needs a Missile account. Everyone.

Name: Yomiel
Journal: [personal profile] schrodingers_man/[personal profile] unlawful_possession
Meaning: Much like Schrodinger's theoretical cat, Yomiel is dead and alive at the same time. Unlawful possession is a joke about ghost crimes.
Timeline: Pre-game for Emp. Shortly after Chapter 15 for AC.
Home: Formerly [community profile] empatheias. Formerly [community profile] alphacomplex
Fun Fact: Hey guys this game is excellent and you should at least read this LP of it, come on.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Name: Jonathan "JoJo" Joestar
Journal: [personal profile] more_like_moestar
Meaning: JoJo's moe as fuck, okay. Totes adorabs.
Timeline: AU
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I thought my favorite JoJo would be Foxy Grandpa, but then it was Foxy Grandpa's adorable grandpa instead.

Legend of Legaia

Name: Noa
Journal: [personal profile] pimps_are_bad
Meaning: It's a line of dialogue from the game. No, really.
Timeline: Some point before the end of the game.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I never did finish that LP whoops....

Order of the Stick

Name: Redcloak
Journal: [personal profile] hypopecrisy
Meaning: Redcloak is basically the pope of his religion. And kind of a huge hypocrite at times.
Timeline: Before he lost an eye.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I'm probably overdue for a "reread all of OotS" binge, come to think of it.

Original Characters

Name: Aestuosa Fiscella
Journal: [personal profile] i_see_dead_dragons
Meaning: OK technically speaking she can see dead anything (that would leave a ghost) but dragons are what is most relevant to her "canon". Even though that's just one dragon. This joke is honestly not very good.
Timeline: N/A
Home: Formerly [community profile] anemoi
Fun Fact: Aestuosa is pronounced Eye-stew-oh-suh. And it only just occurred to me that that's kind of a cruel thing to do to a blind character. WHOOPS.

Name: Bianca
Journal: [personal profile] shieldshipwithyourrealbff
Meaning: A play off of "skinship with your real little sister," a real phrase actually used in Fates's advertising.
Timeline: N/A
Home: Fire Emblem Valor
Fun Fact: Sometimes you just wanna play a murdertank with pigtails.

Name: Servant Brawler (Grant Ruskin)
Journal: [personal profile] this_one_is_the_servant
Meaning: Brawler's Master is none other than Grant Ruskin, using the username [personal profile] this_one_is_the_master.
Timeline: N/A
Home: Formerly [community profile] fate_frontier
Fun Fact: Best Master/Servant pair. True. Fact.

Red vs. Blue

Name: Pvt. Dexter Grif
Journal: [personal profile] semper_fi_bitch
Meaning: The very first episode of RvB opens with Simmons asking Grif, "Do you ever wonder why we're here?" Grif answers with a long, philosophical ramble, to which Simmons's response is, "What? I meant why are we here, in this canyon." And Grif's just like, "oh." A few episodes later, Simmons asks again, and this time Grif's answer is, "No. I never, ever wonder why we're here. Semper Fi, bitch."
Timeline: Sometime before I stopped watching RvB. :V
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Never really expected to import this of all journals to DW. Just feeling nostalgic, I guess.

Name: PFC Dick Simmons
Journal: [personal profile] sycophantic_dick
Meaning: Simmons is a sycophant. Simmons is a Dick. Simmons is also a dick. Beautiful in its simplicity.
Timeline: *Shrugs*
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Hahaha like all of Simmons's icons are the human icons because that's what I used in Mayfield all the time OH WELL.

Shin Mazinger Z

Name: Tsubasa Nishikiori
Journal: [personal profile] z_everything
Meaning: The stuff Tsubasa has made out of Super Alloy Z gets increasingly... eclectic towards the end of the series.
Timeline: It's Shin Mazinger Z does it even matter. :|
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: Tsubasa is the best character, she's got a certificate and everything.

Transformers Animated

Name: Bulkhead
Journal: [personal profile] kibble_chair
Meaning: Kibble is the fan nickname for all the little bits of a Transformer's vehicle mode that just kind of hang off of their robot mode. Bulkhead is capable of transforming his into a chair. This is awesome.
Timeline: Generally post-canon I guess.
Home: None on DW.
Fun Fact: Imported the journal to DW after watching a bunch of Bob Ross. Yuuuuup.

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Name: Battler Ushiromiya
Journal: [personal profile] young_bastard
Meaning: A play on how Battler always calls his dad "old bastard". As much of a bastard Rudy is, the title probably applies better to Battler.
Home: Turnabout Chessboard counts.
Fun Fact: Battler has almost 50 distinct expressions. Getting it down to 15 was torture.

Name: Lion Ushiromiya
Journal: [personal profile] silver_successor
Meaning: Lion's position as successor to the head is signified by a silver ring.
Timeline: Between EP7 and EP8 is probably the most sensible point.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: How well can I write around pronouns? TIME TO FIND OUT.

Name: Natsuhi Ushiromiya
Journal: [personal profile] eagle_on_her_heart
Meaning: In EP1, Natsuhi has a conversation with Kinzo in which he tells her that even if she can't wear the One-Winged Eagle on her clothing, she has it engraved on her heart.
Timeline: Who cares only using this journal in museboxes anyway
Home: N/A

Name: Rudolf Ushiromiya
Journal: [personal profile] old_bastard
Meaning: It's what Battler calls him, pretty much constantly. It is not an inaccurate sentiment.
Timeline: I hate Umineko for making this difficult.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: The only person who has actually used this journal for anything is Prof, who borrowed it briefly for Turnabout Chessboard. Oops???


Name: Asriel Dreemurr
Journal: [personal profile] son_flower
Meaning: Flowey isn't even a sunflower and I DON'T CARE.
Timeline: Pacifist ending would be most logical.
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I can't believe nobody beat me to this username, but I bet somebody really hates me for taking it.

Name: Papyrus
Journal: [personal profile] spagheleton
Meaning: He is a skeleton who loves spaghetti, it is pretty straightforward.
Timeline: After his boss fight, before his date
Home: Formerly [community profile] empatheias
Fun Fact: Thing that happened to me embarrassingly often: "/stares at tag for hours trying to figure out how Papyrus should logically respond to this" "...wait. What am I doing. I play Papyrus." "/tags with something stupid that doesn't logically follow at all"

Name: Sans
Journal: [personal profile] chilltothebone
Timeline: /SHRUGS
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: My keywords are awful and I'm not sorry at all.

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Name: Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane
Journal: [personal profile] lionhandler
Meaning: it is a hand joke
Timeline: Post S2E3. Formerly mid-S1E9.
Home: [community profile] empatheias
Fun Fact: Shiro is the prettiest man in the entire universe and it's just not fair.

Name: Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane
Journal: [personal profile] unblackened
Meaning: untarnished was taken and this was the next best thing.
Timeline: Pre-canon
Home: N/A
Fun Fact: I actually edited way more icons than I used, because I have no self-control.

Name: Ulaz
Journal: [personal profile] insurgeont
Meaning: He's a rebel and a surgeon /gestures flatly
Timeline: /shrugs
Home: NA
Fun Fact: I'd like to play Ulaz in a murdergame sometime, but I don't know if it'll ever actually happen.