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FE7 Meta- Uther Broods

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Thoughts about Uther's thought process circa Kinship's Bond and about his illness in general.

From 22H: Kinship's Bond, after chapter completion:

Uther: So, brother, you're alive after all. You were so long gone that I feared you dead. Another day, and I might have arranged you a funeral rite.
Hector: ...My apologies. Been a little busy.
Uther: Yes...Leila's final report covered much. ...Eliwood. I am sorry about Lord Elbert. I was powerless to help.
No... Nothing could have been done. ...More importantly, do you know of Nergal?
Uther: Only what was reported to me. He appeared a year ago and seized control of Black Fang. Then he ensnared Laus in a plot of rebellion against Ostia. I can't see what he's after...
Eliwood: The dragons that vanished after the Scouring... He wants to...bring them back again.
Uther: What!? Can that be done?
Eliwood: Yes. Let me explain.
(Fade out)
Hector: This has even got my brother brooding. He's always been a firm believer in quick decisions. Yet he wishes for more time... that's never happened before.

God, Uther's sense of humor is completely terrible and I love it. "I was this close to giving you a funeral, you don't even know. :D :D :D"

BUT NO SERIOUSLY, I'm posting this scene because I am SUPER SLOW and just now realized exactly why Uther's being so uncharacteristically broody about this. I mean, yes, dragons, obviously, that is some serious shit right there, but it's not just dragons that he's considering here.

I mean, at this point, he already knows he's a dying man. Eliwood points out later that he probably shouldn't have even been out of bed here, dude is that sick. And he finally gets news from his little brother--and sole heir--who's been missing since before he got sick, that's little more than "Elbert and Leila are dead, shit has gotten real, we need to talk".

Uther can't guess at Nergal's motivations, but I think he had a few guesses at what shit getting real might've involved. Either the rebellion's escalated to the point where he can mobilize Ostia's army to deal with it, or Nergal's focus has shifted elsewhere and it's officially Not Really Ostia's Problem, and either way, he would be 100% justified in taking Hector home with him.

And that's why he's so broody about it. Because right up until the word "dragons" came out of Eliwood's mouth, he'd had every intent of dragging Hector home with him. And then suddenly the whole thing shifts from being a political problem to being an apocalyptic problem with these kids still wedged firmly in the middle of it all, so he has to take some time to rearrange his entire priorities list because while his declining health is a more important issue than some asshole's rebellious scheming, it can't really hold a candle to fucking dragons.

And eventually he decides to put off telling Hector about it. And it is just "putting it off" from his perspective at this point in time. The letter telling Oswin to keep it a secret even if he dies while they're gone isn't until later, which implies to me that before then, he thought he'd make it until they got back. Which is. Either vastly overestimating his strength or vastly underestimating how long it'd take Eliwood & co. to take care of Nergal, most likely the former, given prior attitudes he demonstrates towards his health. I dunno, maybe he would've made it if he weren't doing stupid shit like gallivanting halfway across Ostia instead of resting like he should be.

Come to think of it, though, he really did put that last letter off, didn't he? Oswin receives it right after the Shrine of Seals is dealt with, and from there they grab Armads and Durandal aided by Athos's teleportation, and by the time they get to Castle Ostia from Durandal's cave, Uther's already dead. That's like, what, a week tops? Maybe 2 at most accounting for the time it would've taken the letter to reach Oswin to begin with? Either way, kiiiiiiind of late in the game to be realizing that maaayyybeeee you'll be dead sooner rather than later, isn't it?

Anyway I just finished downloading the FE13 demo so I'm going to go check that out instead of writing something vaguely resembling a proper conclusion for this post OK bye.